Nucleus Kernel Novell

Nucleus Kernel Novell 4.03

Recovers your data from the corrupted or deleted Novell traditional volumes
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Kernel Recovery for Novell - Novell Netware data recovery software recovers data from the corrupt volume(s) of a crashed Novell Server. The novell data recovery software recovers the corrupt Novell volume and allows access to the data when the volume(s) cannot be mounted. It recovers and allows you to save your data to another drive after the cases of missing volumes, deletion of files, corrupt volume(s), allocation errors and Novell partition loss have been solved.
The Kernel Novell data recovery software easily recovers the lost volume(s) even if the key data structures like Volume table, HotFix tables are deleted or File Allocation Tables are bad. Kernel Novell data recovery software supports recovery from sub allocated data volumes and from the compressed files and directories.
A complete scan of the damaged Novell hard drive is performed during the recovery process. The recovery process locates and retrieves the lost volumes and displays the recovered data in a tree like structure. The recovered Netware volume files then can easily be copied to a working Netware disk or volume.
To search and restore your lost netware volume files and folders, Kernel Recovery for Novell data recovery software, uses quick algorithm which ensures fast and easy recovery.

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